Save MoneyE-cigarettes rely on 'cartomizers,' which are disposable "pack-like" units that contain nicotine. Green Smoke carts cost between $2.50 to $3.50/piece, depending on the quantity of cartridges you purchase.

    Smell BetterGreen Smoke electronic cigarettes emit an odorless water vapor that doesn't stink like traditional tobacco smoke. It has no smell whatsoever and therefore won't stain your clothes or furniture.

    Less CleanupImagine being able to smoke anytime without having to worry about pesky ash trays. Since the e-cigarette is an electrical device, it produces no waste products whatsoever. So toss out those ash trays!

    Smoke Anywhere, AnytimeE-cig vaping is allowed in many places where conventional cigarettes are banned, including non-smoking restaurants, libraries, busses and offices. Unfortunately, it's not supported on airlines yet.

    Zero Fire RiskOne problem with conventional smokes is the risk of starting a fire. It's no laughing matter. With Green Smoke, this risk completely disappears because it relies on absolutely no combustion.

    Tasty FlavorsAll cigarettes basically taste the same: like garbage. With a smokeless cig, you can choose an alternative flavor like chocolate, vanilla or menthol, to name a few. It's much more pleasant.

    Nicotine FixYou can select how much nicotine you want in your cart. Light smokers typically choose 0.6%, while heavy ones prefer 1.8% or 2.4%. I personally use 1.8% because I frankly need my nicotine!

                If interested, learn more here.

                Click the above link to have a generous 10% coupon code automatically attached to your order. Or, if you would prefer, just type DISC10-19544 into the coupon box when you checkout.

                Recommended Kit 

                The Green Smoke Express Kit is the quick and affordable was to start enjoying the ash-free, odor-free, smoke-almost-anywhere lifestyle that Green Smoke® e-cigarettes provide. Imagine, in just one kit you get one e-cigarette battery (your choice of size), one pack Flavormax™ cartomizers, one USB cigarette, one USB home charger kit – PLUS a great looking carrying case FREE with every purchase. All that for just $59.97! No other e-cigarette kit provides greater value

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