The Disposables Pack is a set of one-time use Green Smoke electronic cigarettes. The purpose of the pack is to allow you and a group of friends to try out the e-cigarette experience. It costs about $60 and includes 6 cigs, so that means you'd only have to pay $10 if you can find 5 other people with whom to invest.

Now, I haven't tried them myself, because I decided to just get a starter kit. That said, I'm not going to write a fake review. Instead, I'm going to share some actual user reviews I found on the Internet:


"I received my package of six disposable green smoke cigarettes yesterday and am still using the first one. I will bet I have gotten 200 puffs off this already. It's still going strong. You can bet I will be back to get a starter kit.

Thumbs up to green smoke."


"I am very pleased with choice made. Review here is detailed and to point. Wanted to try but money was small. This great idea and agree with writer. You want to try? Vapors are way to go with little cost."


"I received my package of six disposable e-cigs from Green Smoke yesterday. These are really good! The menthol ice taste just like the kool longs I smoke. I am interested in getting a starter kit."


"I got the miniumum 6 pack it tastes more like a Hooka than a cigratte. Try the BLU brand instead the only problem is it doesnt accept amex"


The last gentleman is right -- vaping is more like smoking a hookah than a cigarette. It does take awhile to adjust, but it's worth it. And eventually, you'll come to enjoy it and actually crave it. I literally crave my e-cigs throughout the day, especially when I go out to run. When I get back, I vape like a chimney!

To check out the disposable, please click here.

Click the above link to have a generous 10% coupon code automatically attached to your order. Or, if you would prefer, just type DISC10-19544 into the coupon box when you checkout.

Recommended Kit 

The Green Smoke Express Kit is the quick and affordable was to start enjoying the ash-free, odor-free, smoke-almost-anywhere lifestyle that Green Smoke® e-cigarettes provide. Imagine, in just one kit you get one e-cigarette battery (your choice of size), one pack Flavormax™ cartomizers, one USB cigarette, one USB home charger kit – PLUS a great looking carrying case FREE with every purchase. All that for just $59.97! No other e-cigarette kit provides greater value

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