Starter kits are the backbone to any electronic cigarette system. It includes the tools needed to smoke successfully. The most basic starts kits just have your e-cigarette, a charger and a cartridge. More advanced ones obviously offer additional value via more e-cigs, as well as cases and even car adapters.

The good news is that even the cheapest Green Smoke starter kit offers an abundance, including 2 e-cigs (one regular, one USB), a pack of cartomizers, a home charging kit and a carrying case. That's not bad for $59.99. Use the coupon on the right and cut that down to about $55.

There are certainly other options that add more -- more e-cig batteries, more carts and of course car adapters -- but I don't recommend them. If you want something extra, just buy it as a standalone product later on down the the road instead of spending an additional $100 on your starter kit.

To review all the starter kits, please go direct to their website.

Click the above link to have a generous 10% coupon code automatically attached to your order. Or, if you would prefer, just type DISC10-19544 into the coupon box when you checkout.

Recommended Kit 

The Green Smoke Express Kit is the quick and affordable was to start enjoying the ash-free, odor-free, smoke-almost-anywhere lifestyle that Green Smoke® e-cigarettes provide. Imagine, in just one kit you get one e-cigarette battery (your choice of size), one pack Flavormax™ cartomizers, one USB cigarette, one USB home charger kit – PLUS a great looking carrying case FREE with every purchase. All that for just $59.97! No other e-cigarette kit provides greater value

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