If you go to the home page, you can read my own personal Green Smoke review. My goal with this page is to instead give you an idea of how others feel about Green Smoke. That said, I scoured the Web for reviews and have basically amassed all of them here for you.

Positive Reviews


"Green Smoke was the third ecigarette company I tired- and the best BY FAR. Try them- you won't be disappointed. Don't waste your money on the cheaper brands! They taste awful and fall apart in days."


"Pricey but you get what you pay for. I tried Blu and there is really no comparison, especially when it comes to Customer Service. Green Smoke is a class act."

"I made the switch from traditional cigarettes to Green Smoke just over 6 months ago and haven’t looked back. It was a gradual thing for me but i have now switched 100% to electronic cigarettes but it is the best thing i could have done.

I tried a couple of brands before settiling on these, and yes they are more expensive as i keep hearing from various comments, but in my experience you get what you pay for.

If you smoke and havent tried an e cigarette yet just get these you won’t be dissapointed!"


"I smoked cigarettes for 5 years and I was sick of smelling like tobacco (being in college, its gets annoying to constantly hear the kids sitting around you in class making comments about the nasty smell of smoke) and i was sick of that constant ball of tar infused mucous that perpetually sits in the back of your throat that no amount of coughing or hot drinks can dislodge). I wasnt planning on quitting, but my boyfriend bought a greensmoke starter kit, and i started using it, and without even trying, i quit smoking cigarettes. I completely replaced cigarettes with greensmoke e-cigs, and now when i smoke a real cigarette it just makes me nauseous because cigarettes smell so bad!

I also love that i can smoke e-cigs anywhere! in school i can just slip out into the hall and puff on it.

Greensmoke is much better than a few other e-cigs i tried before. the battery lasts a really good amount of time, the vapor from the cartridges is satisfying, and its def cheaper than smoking real cigs.

I give it a 9/10 !"

Negative Reviews


"I started using e-cigs with Greensmoke and I owe it to them for getting me off tobacco cigs for the last two years. That said, I don't use their product much anymore. I had issues with batteries dying quickly and needing to replace them. They were always willing to replace them for me but it got to be too much of a hassle."


"Green Smoke Scammed me. The cartrige lasts at most 7 cigarettes. I smoked 7 regualar cigarettes and by the time I was done with 7, Green Smoke cartridge was without flavor as well. Green Smoke scams us. they make such a profit off there products. .. Scammers Scammers Scammers. Not to mention my battery has stopped working after 32 days and I couldn't return it!! Seriously? WTF. If Green Smoke wants to scam us, at least make your products good."


"I bought a greensmoke a couple months ago. Mainly because my friend had one.
I enjoy my greensmoke, but i get very agitated having to buy new cartomizers every week, and the price is not great."


" I ordered my kit and cartriges from greensmoke.. they didnt even ship it out. All I have so far is a priority shipping status of electronic shipping info received. Its been that way for 4 days. As I see it, the item shouldve been sent out the same day as stated at the bottom of their webpage. Yes I did call them twice. The first time the man said he would call me back at the end of today, i got no call. then I called back before 5pm est. and talked to a woman. she said it is being shipped and I would get a tracking number tomorrow. If I dont hear anything, I am going through my bank to get my money back for items not receieved. Sorry, but I don’t like it when companies make claims they do not back it up."


"Have recent purchase of starter kit from Greensmoke. First couple days all was fine and cig worked as advertised. Well, on about 3rd day both batteries(the cigarette portion)stopped working. Could not draw in smoke etc. Tried re charging etc. They just died. Contacted company yesterday and they acted like they knew of no problem such as mine. I have to guess they have some type of issue with their ecig. I am concerned since I have another order being shipped."


As you can see, Green Smoke has worked out for SOME people, but it hasn't worked out for everybody. For me personally, however, it's been a blessing, so there you go.

Click here to visit their website if you'd like.

Click the above link to have a generous 10% coupon code automatically attached to your order. Or, if you would prefer, just type DISC10-19544 into the coupon box when you checkout.

Recommended Kit 

The Green Smoke Express Kit is the quick and affordable was to start enjoying the ash-free, odor-free, smoke-almost-anywhere lifestyle that Green Smoke® e-cigarettes provide. Imagine, in just one kit you get one e-cigarette battery (your choice of size), one pack Flavormax™ cartomizers, one USB cigarette, one USB home charger kit – PLUS a great looking carrying case FREE with every purchase. All that for just $59.97! No other e-cigarette kit provides greater value

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