Limited Lifetime Warranty

Green Smoke offers a limited lifetime warranty. If your battery goes dead within the first year, you can get a free replacement. After that, you are entitled to 3 additional replacements, so long as you keep buying cartomizers from Green Smoke

Free Shipping

My favorite pro of all is the free shipping that applies to any order over $25. I never spend less than $100 on cartomizer replacements, so I basically never-ever pay for shipping with them. The key obviously is to always spend at least $25.

Designer Batteries

I could careless about this one, but you'd like, you may order 'fancy' designer batteries like the Cooperstown or New Orleans. They're more expensive, but they feature "eye-catching" designs that I guess are supposed to make you look cool.

Thick Vapor

I haven't tried other brands, so I cannot say this for certain, but many Green Smoke users claim it produces thicker, more flavorful vapor than alternative cheaper brands. And the benefit is that more vapor allows for a more realistic smoking experience.


Very Expensive

Green Smoke is unfortunately one of the most expensive electronic cigarette brands in existence. It personally cost me a tad over $100 to get started. And it still costs me $100 in cartomizers every month. Mind you, I used to spend $200/month on cigarettes.

Inconsistent Cartomizer Yields

This annoys me, but basically, not all cartomizers are created the same. With every batch I buy, I always get 1 or 2 dead on arrival. And there are always 1 or 2 that just vape really badly. It's annoying, but most of the carts work, so I haven't really complained too much about it.

To learn more, please look here.

Click the above link to have a generous 10% coupon code automatically attached to your order. Or, if you would prefer, just type DISC10-19544 into the coupon box when you checkout.

Recommended Kit 

The Green Smoke Express Kit is the quick and affordable was to start enjoying the ash-free, odor-free, smoke-almost-anywhere lifestyle that Green Smoke® e-cigarettes provide. Imagine, in just one kit you get one e-cigarette battery (your choice of size), one pack Flavormax™ cartomizers, one USB cigarette, one USB home charger kit – PLUS a great looking carrying case FREE with every purchase. All that for just $59.97! No other e-cigarette kit provides greater value

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